Can’t Drink or Eat – This Little Puppy Cries Alone by the Side of the Road…

Can’t Drink or Eat – This Little Puppy Cries Alone by the Side of the Road…

16 Jan, a woman found this dog in her garden in Roraima, Brazil. The dog situation is bad – with her. It was angry and tried to fight back any human. Couldn’t untapped – the lady dialed 911 asking for help…The longer I live, the more I love animals, the cruelty of two-legged creatures scares me 😔😡I express my respect to everyone who helps and saves our smaller brothers, thank you for being HUMANS 🙏🐾❤️Apparently the dog was greatly offended and she did not trust people.
How many troubles and pain this little girl endured… Thank you for your HUMANITY and saving the unfortunate puppy.The employee is very smart, humane. A modern young man, but with a huge soul. Thank you for your tolerance for the poor, unfortunate dog.

It’s not out of anger that he behaves this way, it’s fear. Looks like he suffered a lot from “good subhumans”. Thanks for the rescue. God bless you health and happinessAn earthly bow to you, dear person, for your kind heart, for the salvation of this dear baby
Good health and great happiness, I wish you with all my heartSave and save this cute dog.
And God bless her with a good home for the rest of her life.
And many thanks to the doctors!Low bow to good people!!! Good luck to you, may all your dreams come true! Love this beautiful puppy, he deserves tenderness and warmth of the heart!!!Se me parte el corazón al ver estas cosas, gracias por ayudar 💞🙏 ojalá el “dueño” se pudra en la cárcel por este terrible crimen 😡…gracias a Dios que hay personas buenas que no apartan la vista y ayudan a estos animalitos ️ pronta recuperación 🙏Graças a a Deus que ela encontrou pessoas boas como vocês. Parabéns a todos da sua equipe de salvamento. Que Deus abençoe grandemente todos vocês 🙏 vocês tem meu respeito.👏👏👏👏Ai que dó, ainda bem que alguem viu e chamou o socorro, pra ajudar a cachorra. Agora ela sera bem cuidada. Tenho oito gatos e cuido deles com muito amor, mas tem gente q nao sabe ter amor nem por si nem pelos outros pra fazer uma maldade dessas.

Cómo podrá existir gente tan mala en este mundo de hacerle eso a un perrito, Gracias a Dios también existen personas buenas Gracias a las personas que le ayudaronLord, what cruel non-humans… may the Lord punish them! And God grant all good people health, happiness and well-being and the opportunity to help all those in need, people and animals! God bless and help such people in everything🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️A voi che avete salvato questa meravigliosa creatura, auguro tutto il meglio 💗 grazie di esistere!Que deus abençoe vcs que salvam nossos melhores amigos…. os cães…. fico feliz por estar viva e em saber que existem as pessoas de bom coração…. deus os abençoa todos os dias… gratidão 🐕❤❤🙏🙏🙏🙏O Brasil esteve vivenciando uma “cultura do ódio” nos últimos seis anos…. Pessoas violentas, agressivas … as crianças e os animais, indefesos, sofrem demais!!! Pobre peludinha… Ainda bem que pode ser resgatada! Que sua vida seja melhor, mais amorosa! Que ela seja cuidada e respeitada …Deus sempre coloca um anjo no caminho de outro 🙏❤Eso es obra de un ser humano sin sentimientos. Como puede haber gente tan desreciable y destructiva. Gracias por haberlo rescatado. Dios los bendiga.It’s these stories that break my heart even with the happy endings. I’m 54 and it’s still very difficult for me to have to come to the conclusion there are a lot of “humans” who do sick things to animals. Thank God there are human beings like you who put the time and money, patience and empathy into fixing what cruelty had broken. Thank you for sharing this journey.

Thanks for helping the pup, we have a ton of experts trying to tell you what you did ‘wrong’ with this scenario in comments like always but honestly I’m glad you got him off the streets ️ hope he finds a great family ❤
She is afraid because from the beginning no one showed love to her so she is crying all the time, you have to pick her up and talk to her and reassure her that everything will be okay, that’s what she wants to hear from people’s side, God bless her and you and thank you for saving her life.
Thank you for saving this lovely puppy from the tyranny of heartless abuse. I think you’re right about the fact that Joseph was found too soon, and may he bless you for your love, patience, and kindness in teaching him that there are good and loving people to count on. Thank you also for all the other animals that you have given reliable shelter. Blessings and Blessings
I love this quote. “Puppies 🐶 should be happy every minute of their lives.” I have adopted a puppy and I will strive every day to do so for the sake of my new best friend.
I never skip ahead in these videos. It is very exciting to see progress in animals. God bless them. I wish I could own Bandit 🙂
Thank you for rescuing him, he is so precious, you could see he was abused and mistreated before you found him, thank God for good people like you, you are an angel, your reward will be great 🌿🐕🐾🐾🌿🙏🌿🙏🌿🙏🌿🙏 🌿🙏🌿🙏🌿🙏🌿🙏🌿❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💕💕💕💕💕💕💕🌿🙏🌿
You are all some of the most beautiful people and I am truly grateful to the people who are trying to help these pond animals in need of love like you! Thank you!
Poor puppy who could let go of that little love. I am very happy that you came 😁to show that he is loved and that he is not alone from now on. 🤗💖You’ve earned your angel wings💓
Omg it’s all so sweet. I can’t imagine what people did to him and his mother to make him so scared at such a young age. Thank you so much for saving him and others. God bless you all
Much love and respect for your work. Thank you for your kind rescue! At this exacting age, puppies need food, protection and all the love they can get. Stay true to your purpose, and Almighty God will strengthen you with resources, support from people, and a strong will. Service to the unfortunate and needy… is service to God!❤
The bandit is so cute and beautiful! It was sad to watch him being afraid of everything. I’m glad the end of the video made him happy. I hope you hold it and it grows with great love.
Thank you for saving this beautiful pup. They deserve to be loved and cared for every day of their lives. I hope one day in the future they will have a loving family for life. Meanwhile, she has other wonderful puppies she can play with and cuddle with. Thank you once again for caring for these beautiful fluffy babies. 💞💗💞
This is a beautiful looking pup. I wish I had it. You are doing a very good thing saving him. I wish you good luck!

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