Funniest Dog Reactions During Bath – Funny dog ​​videos

Funniest Dog Reactions During Bath – Funny dog ​​videos

I just spent several minutes being entertained by watching dogs take a bath. It’s pretty obvious that not only am I easily entertained, but I really need to find a hobby. Cute compilation. Thanks for the smiles For those who are struggling with bathing their dogs, I have found putting down a non-slip item (silicone pad, towel, etc.) on the bottom of the sink or tub makes them feel a bit more sure footed and not so vulnerable and panicked. Or at least it has worked beautifully for me and my pup. I also have a silicone suction cupped mat I spread peanut butter on, attach it to the backsplash tile and that seems to make the whole ordeal more palatable. She still doesn’t love baths but she is very tolerant of them. Good luck! 🤞🏻

I have dogs that fight being washed. This is so foreign to me to see dogs loving baths. 😂The dog that turned on the shower. That is a groomers dream. 🤣🤣31 years a groomer.Absolutely love these, a couple remind me of giving my dogs baths over the years. ❤😂I couldn’t stop giggling through out the whole thing. Its so crazy how each fur baby reacts to bath time and or just water. EVERY ONE OF THE CLIPS WERE GREAT🐾💞👣😜The ones that love it, and actually put themselves in it, should help the ones that don’t! Like the ones close to the end in the storage container. He’s flipping out, and the other one comforts him.💞 The little white one getting dry. Sounds like a little squeaker toy!🤣I buy my dog babies a new kiddie pool every spring. They love it, plus it helps to keep them cool.😁The one hopping in the bucket is hilarious. Also cute is shower cap, pacifier doggyThe white tiny pup is so adorable… well, they all are but it just made me smile a bit bigger. 🙂 lolHilarious 😂 and cute! I swear I saw a real gremlin in there somewhere ❤Couldn’t choose a few scenes. They were all my favorite!The dog in the yellow bucket is like a cute fluffy squeaky toy 😂This was such a delight to watch. I enjoyed this very much. I became a dog owner just 2 years ago and I love every moment.

My dog, Shadow, would howl only when hearing Pretty Woman or Wild Thing. He did this until his hearing became so bad that he couldn’t hear whatever it was that precipitated his howling. I really miss him.

I was soooo sad when I saw a tear fall down his face but I’m so happy they got reunited!!!🥺🥺🥺Man I have never seen an Animal Crying like a real person. Those tears are telling us the emotion and pain this poor doggo is going through. Many many thanks to the owner who helped both Cow and Dog to reuniteI cried like a baby seeing the cow and dog getting separated. It was too sad. When the owner brought the cow back, I was so pleased. Really kind of him. Rookie would never be able to live without his mother cow. Love their bond💕💖I’ve been completely honest, this really made me tear up.The moment when the cow came back made me literally crying thats so adorableThis dog showed more genuine emotions than amber heard showed during the whole trial.So glad this has a happy ending. The look in the dog’s eyes when he found his cow is precious.The love between animals is beautiful and divine 🤧❤That dog showed more emotion than the lion king remakeThe subtitles interpreting the dog’s body language is 100% accurate 👌Wow… me conmovió mucho está Historia.😭💔🐕🐂Animals feel just like humans so you can’t just separate them from their friends,mothers,and others.I am really happy that the two met again after allOMGoodness! What a wonderful loving man to bring them back together! This gives me a new hope that humanity is not all lost in this world! This just made my day, thanks for sharing!My god… Look at the dog’s face.. his entire sorrow is reflecting in his eyes… Such a lovely dog and great cow mama.. I love the owners too…What a sweet family to allow rookie and his cow to be together forever 😍Animals have emotions. They are loyal intelligent and loving creatures. Please be kind to them.Please don’t separate them from each other, animal too have emotion, feelings like human. Let them to stay together…The dog’s sadness looked more official than the person who was selling the cow.thank you to the owner of the cow and Rookie for keeping them together. Rookie was clearly heartbroken to see his best friend taken away. They need to be together.

Thanks guys, don’t give up, don’t pass by our little brothers. I’m so sorry for the tears for them… Small… Vulnerable. Do not drive them with sticks and children, do not mock ..

How much vitality to survive, the will to fight to keep going because I knew they would find it, these are the real people the planet actually needs… thank you so much!! ❤️ ❤️
I hope you are proud of yourself. What a glorious transformation. Congratulations on rescuing a small dog and bringing joy to his life.

The bird chirping jingle bells was so adorable Second video is from Turkiye as you can imagine 😄 a lot of stores have their own cats.And they are treated as owners of the place.Cats and dogs are the most funniest pet ever 🤣🤣. They can make us laugh every moment!Our cats used to ask to be let out and then stand there when we opened the door. They rarely, however, turned around and walked away from the door like this cat did.That thumbnail though, cats like, you want a drink first? 😂The dog hiding behind the couch because of darth vader, my young son did the same thing. Fear has no boundaries.Wow! So good video! I have made video about funny animals too!

This is one of my favorite types of videos. Just something about kittens making friends with a dog is beyond adorable. These guys will be friends for lifeOooh my goodness….. I wish I could just hug and cuddle with them for at least a full day…..they are irresistibly adorable. I’d take them both home in a shake of both their tails. 😘🥰Nose to nose😻Mia has the same patience and gentleness as Bailey. She would be a good babysitter for her cute little friends too. Looks like true love 👍🐾❤The definition of wholesome has finally been revealed 🙌🏾🐶🐱Aren’t they the cutest. People can learn from themExcesso de fofuras! Um jardim de infância de bebezinhos lindos! 😊😁😂😍💖Whenever I’m down I come and visit Bailey. He instantly brightens up my day. Thank you Bailey 💕

Gorgeous Mia is taking after Bailey with her gentleness!Éste video es cuando aún Mia era más cachorrita y los mininos aún muy bebitos. Actualmente cómo y dónde están los gatitos? Espero que estén en un hogar de amor😻❤🙏.The dog is so gentle…the cutest sight that melts my heart… greetings all the way from Singapore 😍🤩Precious and brings a happy smile to my face on this gloomy day! Thank you! Gloria and Bear and my Heavenly crew from TexasAww, how sweet to see a 🐕 dog and 🐈 cat so good to each other.So cute… Pure love between these two. They will be the best friends for ever💕💕Mi perra golden “Marie” tenia algo especial, como todo golden. Rebosaba ternura, inteligencia y cariño. Estuvo hasta sus 14 años conmigo y junto con mi otro perro “Sol”, (Mezcla de lobo ibérico y pastor aleman), los llevare siempre en mi corazón.❤❤Ahhh!!!! Mia is pretty amicable and caring to her kitten friends. 😘😘😘😘😘Your precious “charms” are so adorable that these videos don’t need any enhancement (music) which is only an annoying disruption to their natural beauty. 😻🐶So cute! Reminds me so much of my Golden. passed away last year but he was very similar to this pup. =O)What a beautiful friendship 😊. Too adorable and cute 🥰. Love how the puppy and kitten are touching each other 🙂.How the hell am I supposed to do my homework with all these tears in my eyes?I loved how all the dogs came to help the grandmaWow this is emotional. Anyone who has been touched by a dog blessing their life will really understand this. Well done 🙂This is such a sweet video that made me cry ❤️ Thank to all trainers and dogs that help people with disabilities, veterans, people with PTSD and other ailments 🙏Watched this several times and GETS ME EVERYTIME🧅😭🔪Pip saw an emergency so he knew he had to go save them even if he has a bad power as a guide dog he knew he needed to use a power to save herI have seen this more than 50 times. But then its so inspirable for me.


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