The Most Dangerous Kitten Attacks Again

The Most Dangerous Kitten Attacks Again

Don’t let this kitten’s cuteness fool you! She’s a wanted criminal in most countries for using her cuteness to get away with tax evasion, theft and even murder! In all seriousness, thank you so much for all that you do to save and help these precious babies. You two are shining lights in a world of darkness.I don’t think there’s anything more joyful than watching a kitten play! Thanks for sharing❣Nothing cuter than a kitten who does the “Crabby Puff Walk” when they are trying to be a bad-ass. Too adorbs!I loved the part when she saw her reflection and thought it was another cat she was looking at. So cute.I love how that baby tiger takes it easy on you. When she bowed her back and hopped sideways I just knew it was over for Mom. Thank you for sharing and being a good MommyThat is one very smart kitten. Has learned how to train its humans to respond, cuddle and pet. Then it rewards with purrs and head butts, plus love. Wonderful save for our world.😽🥰❤I watched the other video and loved seeing her progress from being scared, to being shy, to being confident, and finally to lovingly ruling her human subjects. 😁That’s so darn cute watching her sidle sideways in her attack with her fluff on end, and tail at attention 😂 Cats in general are fun to watch play, but kittens are just to cute & funny. She’s a little sweetie. 🥰”There is never a love more honest and true than the love an animal gives to you”

Such a bouncy , beautiful bundle of feline fun ..She’s so active and curious about everything .Beautiful👍👏🏻This little gal fills me with joy & laughter. The way she hops around & attacks is uniquely her own and totally beyond adorable. Please keep these precious videos coming! Thank you so much!This kitten is doing everything I love about dogs – always ready for a “bundle”, always coming back for more after being thrown – superb!She’s too adorable! She’s really blossomed in your care. I hope she gets a wonderful forever home.OMG, I love how she skulks around and prances. Freaken adorable!!She’s a therapy kitten. Now I can sleep, all is well with the worldOMG!! This is the cutest kitten ever!!!! That adorable face! What a loud meow he has too and I love it!!!!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤the cute part is that she’s doing to you what she would do to a cat she liked, biting and clawing without doing real damage. It means she accepts you as a family member.

Such a lovely and curious, playful kitten! I am so glad she is presently owned by a loving family and she gets both attention and proper care from you. Thank you.h my goodness that kitten is irresistible, I wish she was mine! Enjoy and love her always. 😍😘Cats are so funny when they see themselves reflected in the mirror. When Buttercup first saw herself in the mirror across the room, she kept growling.She’s a feisty little one. So adorable! 😄Are you guys okay? I hope the earthquakes haven’t effected you and your rescues. Prayers for all the people and animals trapped still 💔

OMG, sooo vicious! How on earth will you find a home for this terrible . . . gorgeous, adorable little fluffball, heh, heh. Love the tiger’s growl … nice touch. Ok, I’m hooked … I’m subbedThanks for the great videos & all that you do for all the precious little fur babies you save 🐱🐯🐕 Hugs to a lovely lady, L’liz🌿I especially remember two of my long ago cats…Mr. T back in 1987 and 88 growing up, and my boy Tommy back in 2002. I love seeing this tradition of attack kitten continuing on!I love how natural the transitions in this video are, not jerky or twitchy. You have excellent production quality!This baby is so so adorable! Thank you so much for rescuing her!This video made my day! The baby kitten is so adorable!! love it!!!abbies are the wildest of kittens. I got adopted by one 12 years ago and he’s been the best companion ever since. He’s now 80 cm long and still goes for the tendons in the back of my legs to bring me down. The house is a tiger sanctuary and I’m turning the back yard into a cat sanctuary.Oh…what a dangerous kitten 😛 Absolutely adorable and a bundle of joy 😘Thank you for taking in and caring for this little wild beast. She definitely seems to be a one of a kind handful. 💖💖🐈

This is exactly how I found my little Arabella 4 years ago. Stranded tiny hungry and thirsty. Brought her home. Best friends ever since.This is exactly how I found my little Arabella 4 years ago. Stranded tiny hungry and thirsty. Brought her home. Best friends ever since.thanks for taking this lil angel with you! ♡ he must felt right when he saw you, that you are a good person. i hope you find him this forever home he deserves. but i would be more happy if you vould keep him. its seems to be like fate tjat you both found each otherHow could you not want to pick this little feller up and show him your love? He’s adopting you, and he loves and sees things within you that makes you that very special person he wants as his very own. Thank You for your kindness and compassion along with your expression of love for this little feller.I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cuter stray kitten. Big beautiful eyes, cute, jumping on human and hugging them for dear life, falling asleep inside coat. I felt a real pinch of reassurance when i saw you take him to your warm place.

Aw, what a pretty kitty , thank you, thank you for taking him in, and keeping him warm! I do hope you will adopt him or find him a good home.❤❤Breaks my heart to know there’s any kittens/animals at all on the street, but knowing there’s also people like you out there rescuing them brings me solaceEverything about him is the most adorable thing ever. His little meows. The way he jumped onto your leg to find refuge under your chin and inside your coat. How he fell asleep feeling safe finally. Just when I thought I couldn’t love cats any more.That was so nice of you to save him! A kitten that young should probably still be getting some cat milk, at least mixed in with wet food. We did that with the kitten we found in the snow Christmas 2021. He’s now 16 lbs and huge, lol!Thank you so much for making this a good Friday evening. After seeing the kindness that the young man gave to the very tiny kitten it made me feel good about mankind once again. You could tell that this young man was going to be a good father to this little kitten. It was also nice to see that he already had a kitty,and that he knew what to do for the little kitten that he had just found outside in the cold winter weather. May our Lord Bless and keep him and his new little kitty that he just added to his family. Sincerely Linda McCartney a lady who loves all kitties.Thank you for taking him home he wasn’t afraid of you because he knew that you would do him no harm keep him if you can God bless youWhat a cute kitty. U have been chosen. Amazing the little guy saw the small opening, in your jacket, and crawled inside. Your doing an excellent job taking care of her. Thanks.Thank you for bringing him home, please find him a safe forever home in case u don’t adopt him . Bless his little Heart 🙏So freaking adorable 🥰🥰


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