Locked in a Dark Room in a Warehouse – Didn’t Think Pet Life Could Be Like This!

Locked in a Dark Room in a Warehouse – Didn’t Think Pet Life Could Be Like This!

On 7 Nov, NAFAF got an ask to help this skeleton with fur. Police found him locked in a dark room in a storage house. His look was tired, he is at least 50 pounds underweight and his gums are severely pale due to anemia…Last month someone posted this video in our VK group. He asked if we could come to help this emaciated dog. This is an emergency as people see the dog fired. The next day, we reached the venue for lunch, but we couldn’t see it…
Praise be to the Lord that there are people who help the needy, as well as the animals! Thank you!!!!!!!
What a cruel people, they drove the dog away, but it was necessary to feed it. After all, they saw how it was and needed food and help. Thanks to those who found it and adopted it.
Good thing you finally found this dog and took it with you! He didn’t even have enough water… Forget the food! It looks like she just caught a cold, they’ll get better and she’ll be such a good girl! Thank you all for helping him! God bless you and this dog! I’m watching and crying! Poor animal! What a vile and cruel person, so to speak. Glory and greetings to the kind and merciful people!
A big thank you to everyone involved in this dog’s rescue! Looking at this girl who has endured so much pain and indifference, my heart breaks. Thanks for saving this dog!
He will be your most loyal friend! You are humans, capitalized Luli! Thank you for being you!.. Health to you and your loved ones!… Russia, Samara.
Tin. Yes, how can you drive the dog away in such a state and be greedy for a piece of bread? Yes, what kind of people 🤔. Thank you for rescuing this dog.
Like all 44-year-old people, I have a dream like adults. Banal for the purpose of fear – a lot of money. But what to do with them is another question. I would open a large shelter for our four-legged children. This fear … I look and my eyes fill with tears. By the way, I have my own little shelter for 4 cats in an apartment, a house in garages and 3 dogs and 5 cats on a plot of land. Well done, thank you.
We really miss such charities. God bless more of them! Many more animals need our help. You are doing an incredibly important job! May God grant you health and prosperity! 🇺🇦What a poor man. Thank God everything went well! And the non-humans who allow it will come back to you! Bow down, you’re actually great people – you do that kind of stuff, you save defenseless animals!
Long live baby! Enjoy life!@@ How nice!!! God bless you for saving such a wonderful dog!!!
My God, what has the world come to 😱 can’t we humans be kinder to animals Thank you very much to the volunteers
What kind of bad people are they? How can you calmly look at a starving dog and not give it food, isn’t your heart actually trembling??? Thank you kind people for taking care of him!!!
Thank you kind people, these are our little brothers, how much pain, how much torture this dog has endured, it can tell when a person’s tooth, head or when it is hungry, but these dogs cannot do this, so do not pass by them, especially in these cold times. Hello everyone from Tajikistan.
How lucky you are to save the dog! Thank you very much! May God give you happiness, love and health! Dog health and joy! So that each of us has food, water and everything we need for life, so that we can always share, help, protect! Thank you!!
The dog does not believe in his happiness, eat so much ….. for his purpose this is a miracle …. Thanks, caring and kind people. I cry …. (((((
You can study anatomy in this dog. It’s a miracle he’s alive. I have never seen such a weakened animal. extraordinary kindness would be more human. good luck to you

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” 👊👊👊👊
I love them very much, but when they die, the suffering is very painful and long-lasting. I lost my four-legged friend, my biggest friend 4 days ago. I’m going to get sick with grief…😢
Its not just that Huskies are talkative. Its that they always gotta have the last word! That Ruff!
Our cats used to climb into anyones pulled down pants while on the toilet 😂 my youngest daughter would be there for hours because she didn’t want to disturb them 😂
Our Baby passed away just 7 days ago 😭😭 💔💔
We lost our best friend for 11 years ….. how can we live without him after all these years filled with unbelievable love 💕
We cry the whole time since he died totally unexpected 😢… and keep him in our hearts ˋtil we meet againBeautiful. Dogs are the most AWESOME animals. Loved every second of this video. Thanks for posting.
My dog passed away 2 weeks ago from Lyme disease (liver failure),I am in such pain over her lose,am not sure if I can love another dog as much as I loved her,maybe this video will help me to make that decision!
As my youngest left home (last year)…my kids were worried about “momma”. But they left me with an OLD dog. One, last one…the last of “their” dogs. I find myself doing MORE with him. Instead of growing old & petrifying? We’ve both become more active, and we’ve both lost weight! What adventures we’ve had! Who knew we could become lake kayakers! Me and him? KAYAKING???

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