Blind And Sick Kitten Was Crying For Help See Her Now

Blind And Sick Kitten Was Crying For Help 😭 See Her Now

There is some scammer in the comments, pretending to be us, offering a “prize”. Please, if you see such comments, don’t fall for it and report them.God bless you for taking care of the sick kitten, who with your help survived and became a beautiful and happy cat! Thank you for your dedication to homeless and defenseless animals. You are a real salvation for them in this world. Without people like you, they are doomed.😻Bless you guys for your kind hearts, and the time & dedication you provide to these loving furry friends. I know these videos always make me cry with how heartwarming they end up being, showing how care can help save these animals’ precious lives, and it makes me really happy knowing there’s still good in this world, even with how much bad you see on a daily basis.I’m so proud of Pisscun! She grew up from a poor, sickly kitten into a beautiful cat!She truly has grown into a wonderful kitty. You must be proud.Gracias por ayudar a este angelito, Dios los bendiga!❤❤❤I recall those moments when she was so weak… Poor Pisscun! But she proved a fighter! And so happy to see her as a perfectly healthy, happy adult cat! She’s beautiful 😍 Thank you for saving her and God bless you!Wonderful. Most other people would have left Pisscun to her own devices, but you turned her into the angel she is today. Thank you for everything that you do.It’s really a very hearttouching story. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for the kitty!💕 It’s great, that Pisscun now lives with Dessy’s mom. Thanks to your Mom, Dessy! That way you can always see the kitty and it’s very important for Pisscun, too, that she is in contact with you.What a lovely story, thank you Dessy and Stoyan!I’m so relieved to know she recovered from eyes infection! The eyes is so beautiful, unfortunately the young kitties always can have infected eyes! Thank you so much the animals gratitude is so authentic!I’m so happy to see her well !! I’ve been wondering how shes been recently and to see her thriving is so good !!What a gorgeous cat she became! She is a princess in cats world. I only can imagine how much satisfaction you feel bringing this lovely cat back to life. If everyone on earth would as kind as you guys, it would be a totally different world, without wars, without people killing each other.

Pisscun! What a wonderful update. I’m glad that she’s happy, healthy and thriving with Dessy’s mom. She looks just like my ️ kitty Maxine. She was the kitty that my boyfriend gave to me for my 18th birthday a couple of months before I graduated from high school. He knew how sad I was having lost the cat I literally grew up with (we were both 17) the previous autumn. She lived to be 15 years old.

Yay, Pisscun! Hers was the first video I watched on your channel. It’s so good to see her so happy and healthy! You guys are amazing!

She has always been this amazing and you guys are the true heroes for rescuing such a poor kitten 😢Little Pisscun went through so much and it looked like the end was near more than once. But her will to live was strong and Dessy and Stoyan fought alongside her to make sure she survived. Thank you so much for not giving up! May God bless you and all those you love and care for.❤✨🐾Pisscun makes some pretty cool sounds when she watches TV. Bless her little heart and her family too. :0)This is so absolutely heartwarming! Thank you!!!More love of Dessy — and too her mom — manifested! ♡♡Look at that beauty. I remember crying my eyes out because of her situation. So happy she is doing good now and in good care. Thank you from the heart 😻💞I Am So Greatful For You Guys For Helping This Little Angel Look How Beautiful She Turned Out💝💖💝💖💝💖If It Weren’t For You Guys She Would Have Not Make It!!God Bless You Always🙏🏻♥🙏🏻🙌🏻My heart is so full. She grew up to be such a healthy and happy cat. Thank you so much for saving yet another life. Oh God, time is passing, and now she’s a beautiful queen, like my cat.

We have had reports of this poor dog that was hit by a vehicle a couple of days ago and can’t move her back legs. She has clearly just given birth and is probably in distress at not being able to find her puppies…
Gracias 🙏 a todos ustedes por su inmenso cariño y cuidado a esas linda criaturas ❤
Olá, pessoal, além de dar um joinha também se inscrevam nesse canal para que essas pessoas do bem continuem ajudando esses bichinhos tão sofridos, GRATIDÃO! I admire the generosity of people who help save the lives of animals.
Thank you so much guys! Whoever saves one life saves the whole world.
Thanks to the kind people who rescue abandoned and sick dogs. God will help you too🙏🙏
I can’t watch this, I wash my face with tears.. 😢Thanks to common sense people.
Thank you for your kindness, animal rescue people.
When a dog cries, it’s unbearably hard to watch! Thank you so much for saving this angel, it will not be on the street anymore!!!
Dear wonderful people, thank you for helping this vulnerable dog, good luck to you.
God ! Poor thing 🥺🥺🥺🥺, how lucky!!!! And how many people are there like him in the whole world… Who will never be so lucky😣

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