Pip | A Short Animated Film by Southeastern Guide Dogs

Pip | A Short Animated Film by Southeastern Guide Dogs

How the hell am I supposed to do my homework with all these tears in my eyes?I loved how all the dogs came to help the grandmaWow this is emotional. Anyone who has been touched by a dog blessing their life will really understand this. Well done 🙂This is such a sweet video that made me cry ️ Thank to all trainers and dogs that help people with disabilities, veterans, people with PTSD and other ailments 🙏Watched this several times and GETS ME EVERYTIME🧅😭🔪Pip saw an emergency so he knew he had to go save them even if he has a bad power as a guide dog he knew he needed to use a power to save herI have seen this more than 50 times. But then its so inspirable for me.

I cried in to tears when the puppy was crying it was so cute! This melts my heart so much! 😍😍😍😍😭😭😭😭😭❤❤❤❤this Makes me think of my Dog Sadly she died but this makes me think of her Ty❤WHAT HAPPENED TO ACE??!!!! I’M STILL CRYING AFTER WATCHING THIS MORE THAN 7 TIMESwe had to watch this on my first day of school with a bunch with new kids and i remembered watching this before and crying so i tried go hold my tearsI remember watching this as a child and doesn’t understand what is going on but seeing this now touch my heartI’ve seen this video many times really love to watch this again and again 💖💖💖THE MOST LOVELY AND USEFUL CREATURES IN THE WORLDA must watch for every dog. 🥰Pip is so cute and brave I love pip . Thank you.How I supposed to tell everybody about the story when there is tears in my eyeI AM IN TEARS! A PUDDLE ON THE FLOOR! WE DO NOT DESERVE DOGS! THEY ARE GODS ANGELS 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭This was great! Props to you all and the work you do.this video is the most beautiful thing i have ever seenBeing different is what makes you special”- Dhar Mann 💖✨💞This video makes me cry. Every time 🥺😢😢😥😥🥺🥺🐕🦮🐕🦮🐕🦮🐕‍🦺🐕‍🦺I had an English assignment on this video, I had to write dialogue to pip, and it is very hard to complete with tears🤪😂HAHAHAHA I DON’T KNOW WHY I AM LAUGHING WHENEVER THE GIRL IS FALLING DOWN! BUT I JUST WANT TO SALUTE TO ALL THE DOGS OUT THERE, THANK YOU FOR TIRELESSLY HELPING AND GUIDING PEOPLE IN THEIR WAY! I AM SO PROUD TO ALL OF YOU! SALUTEEE HAHAHAHA!Oh my god..I don’t know who did this..but same time my heart melt and was the greatest short video I hope you got some kind of award for itDogs are the most loyal creatures on the planet. I love my dog Alpha 🐕‍🦺i learned more from this video than from my school booksit took me so long to find this film i remember watching it a long time ago and i couldn’t find it until now😭😭 PIP IS SO ADORABLE

I wonder if Tucker knows that Todd is his son or does he just treat any other puppy that gets adopted into the house like his little brother 🤣I almost wish Todd would remain that size. He’s so determined and incredibly cute.It was just like yesterday when Tucker was the same size as Todd, now he’s all grown up and has a family. Time goes by sooo fast.When tucker peed on Todd that literally made my whole day and his little fro is making me want to get one lol😂Todd is the cutest little scrum-chin ever and so is tucker and I love how tucker puts up with so muchI’m impressed how the little one already walks so close next to you when walking on the leash 🙂I feel so old now. Tucker was a pupper, now he’s a father *claps proud in dog language*I love how the pup tries to eat the water. That scene with. Them sleeping is so cuteTodd really did look like a sea otter when he was wet! So preciousThey know their family, mom, dad, sis, bro, etc. I took my pup back to see his mom. She was growling at him upon sight and he went to her anyway. She started sniffing him and totally changed her demeanor, she started licking him and playing with him. She knew it was her pup. It was so cute!I bust out laughing when Linda said “did you daddy pee pee on your head, yeah..”😂😂As someone who has had dogs for pretty much all my life, I can say these fluffer’s are trained amazingly.Love how Tucker is just trying to have a good time in the pool while Todd is biting the heck out of the pool XDTodd getting the water out of the Fossett is so adorable! I love Tucker and Todd sleeping together too sooo cuteI believe Todd is one of the cutest puppies I’ve ever seen. He has the best personality.This is just pure wholesome pet videos. You treat them so well, and that is really appreciated. So glad I finally found this channel.Tucker and Todd it’s so cute sleeping next to each otherFeels like only yday when it was Tucker in that tub trying to understand why there’s water coming out of the faucet. Welcome to the world, Todd! =)🥳The fact that Tucker and Todd fell asleep back to back is just adorable! 🥰🤗I’m actually really surprised (and delighted) by how strong Tucker’s paternal instincts are.I like how she clearly babies them and they just love it! LOL!Both of them are so adorable and active! It makes me happy to see them so happy lol! And welcome to the world little Tucker!!!! Now theres someone new to add a smile to our faces along with his dad tucker. Welcome to the world todd! Tucker and Todd Budzyn are just the cutest Golden Retrievers that I’ve ever seen, and they are lucky to have you as they’re mother. 💙Awwww. … what a lovely household, now that Tucker’s son lives with you. Love your two furbabis! ❤❤❤Can we just take a moment to appreciate how cute trucker and Todd were sleeping togetherTODD IS SO CUTE 🥺 I would never get tired of his cutenessTodd biting the pool omg so cute and funny😂❤Aw Tucker looks like he’s that one dad that still has an inner child within.Seeing Todd chew on the pool brings back memories of my boy when he was a pup chewing on every dang thing lolHe looks just like Tucker when he was a baby 😂🍼🍼 so sweetThis is very fun yet so relaxing to watch!!!😍🥰 i feel like I’m healed just by watching this 🥺Tucker and Todd sleeping scene is really so damn cuteee 😘❤👏👏Tucker has grown to be an responsible, Obident, Cute, Talkative dad! His son will be proud to be Tuckers son! Also hear’s a dialouge: Todd: Gimme chimken! Courtney: No! Todd: I’mm shartz on ur pillow! Tucker: thats my boy!Like father like son, same vibe when I look at these cute dogs, almost like their clones!I am fairly certain you all won’t see this. However. I just want y’all to know how much your videos make me smile. I am in a very tough spot, Dad in hospital. I love the videos, they help me tremendously. My doggie passed on to Heaven about 5 months ago. I am hurting and nervous belly. I love your videos and thank you Tucker! Your parents cool too😀Todd is sooooooooooo cuteeeee!!!!!!!!!! Tucker is a great daddy! He keeps being patient around Todd even though hes not in the mood. Love u guyss! Watching ur videos make me smile!


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