Golden Retriever Puppy as Another “Baby Kitten” of a Mom Cat

Golden Retriever Puppy as Another “Baby Kitten” of a Mom Cat

Mom gets to relax Kittens got new warm place to snuggle at And puppy gets new friends Everybody wins🐶🐱🐈🐈🐈🐈💖Mommy cat, confident and relaxed, leaves her kittens there with the puppy and everyone is happy! 🐕🐱💓They will all grow up as best friends together!It always amazes me how well puppies and cats get along. Thanks for sharing this heart warming video.She is the sweetest mama! If she isn’t yours, I hope that she and all her babies get the loving homes they deserve.I love how the mommy cat spends the first minute letting the gorgeous pup know who’s the boss! 🤣This is so awesome luv how well they all are getting alone 🥺 Mommy cat is so affectionate and the gorgeous puppy just melted your heart 🤗Now THAT’S a big ol’ love fest! 💗😂A golden retriever puppy, cute kittens, and a sweet loving mama cat! What more could you ask for??Everything is warm fuzzies until the day the puppy asks, “Mom, why do I look different from my siblings?” 😁 Seriously though, this is one of the cutest vids I’ve ever seen. 💕Love how Dora rubbed her head against Mia….as relaxed with Mia as she is with Bailey.

What a freaking cute and loving video👍🥰 Mia and the cat family enjoy cuddling close together. This is what true love and friendship looks like 😻🐾❤t’s very cute to watch! But for some reason, I can’t be so calm with cats, always when I see them, I always bark at them … Everything is fine with me?😶One of my cats just had a littler of 7. This video made me think of how they ended up with 2 Mom. One of our other female cats was jealous. But momma cat let her help and lay and clean them. She was even teaching them how to play. The only thing she couldn’t do was nurse them. But she really wanted to. I love seeing animals help one another. All I could think of during this video was how the kittens must be thinking. “Man brother/sister sure is big. Even bigger than mom.” LolWho ever said dog & kitties could not get along? You guys put together the cutest videos. 🐕😺How sweet! Why can’t people treat each other like this?Sweetest Family 💖💞💖💞😘 That golden retriever is so adorable that the mom cat couldn’t restraint herself from loving it. Absolutely gorgeous 💗🐈😍❤What a great mother cat!Adorable, cute, the ever loving and lovable Bailey! Thanks for a great young puppy Bailey video! Love all your videos of this sweetie pie. 💗What a way to start my day!!!! This is absolutely the most precious video I’ve seen in a while!!! I love the puppy, Mom cat & her kitties, so adorable!!! 😊💜🤍💟💜🤍💟😘🐕🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰This is so sweet. It’s obvious that momma loves the puppy and considers it family.So cute and lovely Mia with Mom cat and kittens : the love between dogs and cats is nice ! ♥The kittens are baffled, but Mom just accepts that this big thing really is a baby.

Oh he’s so sweet and gentle with the kittens. Love how he was watching them while on the couch and how the kittens had no fear and wanted to play with them.Rocky is much like a new dad being afraid to hold their newborn not wanting to break them. I know I felt that way with my daughter as she was tiny. Now she’s almost driving. Help me.Every step is a calculated maneuver, all kitten’s locations are mentally accounted for before a single paw moves. This dog has perfect parental skill and clearly loves his little kittens. The definition of goodest boy.I love how Rocky jumps up on the sofa to do some aerial reconnaissance of the crisis situation.Rocky’s such a good dog. Well raised. No aggressiveness at all. Could have just barked sternly and scared away the kittens. Didn’t even do that. 🙂 Well done guys.This just made my day! The way he knew where they all are so didn’t step on the little ones. Being so gentle eppppppp😍

This is my favourite combination from the animal kingdom……A German Shepherd and kittens 🥰🥰🥰🥰 absolutely adorable 😍 i literally couldn’t stop smiling 😍So sweet! He counted “1, 2, 3 – where’s 4?” Like: “Uh oh! Four’s going under the dresser – somebody get him!” 😆He’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.” 🥰🥰That’s so amazing, he was extremely aware of the fragility of those little furballs and made sure that he didn’t hurt them accidentally. I loved that they kept pawing around at his nose and even when he wasn’t even close! Just little arms and legs, or just legs and legs, all floundering about in his dog bed. And here’s what really strikes me, anytime you buy your pet a bed or a place for them to sleep in, they Never do! But, should another creature take it, well now they want it! Like a child that grew tired of a certain toy, but as soon as another child is to play with it, they immediately find a renewed interest! So adorable those guys! What an excellent family they will be!! 🥰🥰🥰This is adorable 😍 He’s such a big dog but is so gentle with the little kittens. 😭I’ve always been scared of German shepherds, but this one looks so sweet and gentle 


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