Funniest Animals 2023 – Funniest Cats and Dogs

Funniest Animals 2023 – Funniest Cats and Dogs 

Oh he’s so sweet and gentle with the kittens. Love how he was watching them while on the couch and how the kittens had no fear and wanted to play with them.Rocky is much like a new dad being afraid to hold their newborn not wanting to break them. I know I felt that way with my daughter as she was tiny. Now she’s almost driving. Help me.Every step is a calculated maneuver, all kitten’s locations are mentally accounted for before a single paw moves. This dog has perfect parental skill and clearly loves his little kittens. The definition of goodest boy.I love how Rocky jumps up on the sofa to do some aerial reconnaissance of the crisis situation.Rocky’s such a good dog. Well raised. No aggressiveness at all. Could have just barked sternly and scared away the kittens. Didn’t even do that. 🙂 Well done guys.This just made my day! The way he knew where they all are so didn’t step on the little ones. Being so gentle eppppppp😍

This is my favourite combination from the animal kingdom……A German Shepherd and kittens 🥰🥰🥰🥰 absolutely adorable 😍 i literally couldn’t stop smiling 😍So sweet! He counted “1, 2, 3 – where’s 4?” Like: “Uh oh! Four’s going under the dresser – somebody get him!” 😆He’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.” 🥰🥰That’s so amazing, he was extremely aware of the fragility of those little furballs and made sure that he didn’t hurt them accidentally. I loved that they kept pawing around at his nose and even when he wasn’t even close! Just little arms and legs, or just legs and legs, all floundering about in his dog bed. And here’s what really strikes me, anytime you buy your pet a bed or a place for them to sleep in, they Never do! But, should another creature take it, well now they want it! Like a child that grew tired of a certain toy, but as soon as another child is to play with it, they immediately find a renewed interest! So adorable those guys! What an excellent family they will be!! 🥰🥰🥰This is adorable 😍 He’s such a big dog but is so gentle with the little kittens. 😭I’ve always been scared of German shepherds, but this one looks so sweet and gentle 

Cats, both males and females, seem to have parental instincts with human babies. They are typically very observant, interested, protective, and caring – all characteristics we associate with love. They also tend to be extremely tolerant, allowing a baby to do things they would never let an adult or mature cat get away with. Some degree of supervision is needed when any animal is with your baby, of course. But it has been my experience, over many decades, that most pets are more trust-worthy than most humans.Cats: amused by small things Babies: laugh at everything Perfect matchIt’s great how the cats are all smart enough to be gentle with the babies. Even when they touch them with their paws they make sure to not extend their claws.Cat : What’s this? A natural source of heat that won’t simply get up and walk away. Yes! Parents : Look! The cat loves our baby.Hearing a child’s laughter is the most precious thing that warms my heart! God bless themI love how they seem to know babies are fragile creatures, and are not agressive toward them at all. Lovely video.When you realise that the cat is a better babysitter than most humans.Cats know instinctively how to play the long game in training their staff to take care of them, and the earlier they can train their staff, the better!I love to see the cats being able to show the real and deep affection towards us, especially to the little onesA cat’s head bump is its biggest “I love you”. All of those kitties are head bumping those babies. That’s love, man.Cat: it’s small, bald and hideous Also cat: I love it 😻The only problem with having pets is that they don’t stay forever with you 😭vI had two twin cats in my house when I was and they both lived until 18. I was 8 when they passed. I loved them so much. Could only imagine how we played when I was a baby. I remember being kinda scared of them at first when I was a toddler tho 😂The one with the two gray cats having a snooze with the baby is so dang cute.Kitties are naturally attracted to the angelic presence surrounding the babies!Seriously, cats really do pick up on different frequencies and energies of humans…how loving these cats are with these babies, it’s like their mother instincts kick in…great video!Seriously, cats really do pick up on different frequencies and energies of humans…how loving these cats are with these babies, it’s like their mother instincts kick in…great video!Isn’t it sweet how the cats in this video seem to know to be gentle with the babies . I love it when cats know to stroke with their claws retracted . It’s like they have a sixth sense when to be gentle .The child laugh is like medicine to my soulThat’s too much Adorable I grew up a dog lover & while I thought cats were cool, it never cross my mind to adopt Then after I got out of the Army one of my buddies moved out to NY & he brought his cat with him & fell in love with her Then I turned into a full blown crazy cat daddy fanatic & ended up adopting 2. So far. I get it now. Cats aren’t independent & aloof. They are incredibly sweet, affectionate, & loyal. They are also really smart & emotionally complex. Now I cannot imagine a life without them. It’s really adorable how they act with the babies. The nuzzling & marking are signs of affection. They know they are family. They’re like this is a funny lookimg brother or sister but I understand this is a weird hairless sibling of mine that has a big weird collar around the middle of it’s body. Until I have a kid, if/when ever that may be, my furry boys are my kids who will get everything in the will unless things change.😃 After seeing all the terrible crime in the news & the appalling war news from Ukraine on a daily basis, pet videos help dampen the awfulness in them. We all need them so we can smile & not lose our minds because the world news is just a freaking downer. Thoughts & prayers for Ukraine & thank you internet gods for cat & dog videos.🙂They love babies because they’re both able to use their hearts and brains and communicate in the same way about important stuff that can’t be put into words, before the child is raised otherwise.Cats and babies just seem to go  together. They naturally love each other. .xx


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