Dying Stray Golden Retriever, Complete Transformation After Being Rescued

Dying Stray Golden Retriever, Complete Transformation After Being Rescued

Pobrecito animal. ¡Qué triste qué alguien abandone a un perro tan noble!..This poor dog was very lucky to find someone like you. You guys are an angel! Thank you very much for giving this dog a chance to live and giving him a good home with plenty of care and love. I love to see his tail wagging nonstop 😍Thanks to kind, caring people for saving this unfortunate dog from the inevitable death! Rettwirer’s health and vitality are gradually restored, and this is the most important thing! Be healthy and happy red-haired, sunny handsome! 🐕💞 Health, peace, peace and prosperity to everyone! 🤗🙌🙏Thank God you rescued him. He was such in need of your help. Thanks again for saving him. He reminded me of a golden I had. Much love and appreciation!!!!! Karenfico imaginando como se abandona um cão tão belo e dócil como o Golden, aínda bem que existem anjos aínda na terra, que o Senhor lhe abençoe! 🤣As an animal lover my entire life, this is so painful to watch. To think a human would allow this to happen to any dog makes me absolutely furious. I love my dogs so much and cannot imagine sinking to such depths that would let me treat them so inhumanely. And through his neglect, this beautiful dog still wags his tail. 😢😢It is very hard to look at a tortured animal, how could such a beautiful dog be brought to such a state. Many thanks and bow to the earth to the people who saved the animal !!!Beautiful how we can take animals in and take them to this extreme and still consider us human Bravo to the rescue and I hope he can find a good family 👏 👏 💚 👍👏😍🇪🇦God bless all of you who were part of the recovery of the beautiful pet. The gratitude in his eyes is priceless, I was so touched.We have had reports of this poor dog that was hit by a vehicle a couple of days ago and can’t move her back legs. She has clearly just given birth and is probably in distress at not being able to find her puppies…
Gracias 🙏 a todos ustedes por su inmenso cariño y cuidado a esas linda criaturas ❤
Olá, pessoal, além de dar um joinha também se inscrevam nesse canal para que essas pessoas do bem continuem ajudando esses bichinhos tão sofridos, GRATIDÃO! I admire the generosity of people who help save the lives of animals.
Thank you so much guys! Whoever saves one life saves the whole world.
Thanks to the kind people who rescue abandoned and sick dogs. God will help you too🙏🙏
I can’t watch this, I wash my face with tears.. 😢Thanks to common sense people.
Thank you for your kindness, animal rescue people.
When a dog cries, it’s unbearably hard to watch! Thank you so much for saving this angel, it will not be on the street anymore!!!

Dear wonderful people, thank you for helping this vulnerable dog, good luck to you.
God ! Poor thing 🥺🥺🥺🥺, how lucky!!!! And how many people are there like him in the whole world… Who will never be so lucky😣
Tears just flow 😥🤧, the dog actually cries. I remembered our dog, it was accidentally hit by a car, its hind legs were crushed before my eyes, they tried to treat it, they could not save it, it is very difficult to get through)), only very
What a pity for the dog and the like, who find himself in such situations. Thanks to the individuals and all the teams who helped and rescued the animals.
Fortunately, there are clinics where you can bring a sick animal, and experts there will provide the necessary assistance, the dog’s eyes brightened during the treatment process, thank you to everyone who helped!
Well done to the Clinic for their Noble Business and to all Veterinarians and the lucky Dogs of the good Owners!!! 💓💓💓🤗👍This is the meaning of kindness and attention!!! Sweet dog patient grateful happy!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Thank you all for your great love and concern for these beautiful creatures.
Hello everyone, as well as give a thumbs up, subscribe to this channel so that these good people continue to help these suffering animals, THANKS!
God bless you all!!! You guys are such good friends that you don’t leave such dogs in a difficult situation. More people like you and the world will become better and brighter…
God bless everyone who helps animals! And good health to the cute dog 1❤❤❤
What a supernatural nobility, people who rescued a doomed animal, thank you so much for your kind heart and great Spirit, I wish you good health and long, long years 🙏🙏🙏🙏👍♥️ ♥️ ️ ♥️♥
God, 🙏Thank you for finding people in harmony with your soul ❤️ ❤️ ️ ❤I want to kiss the hands of every individual who helps animals👍👍👍I’ve been following his progress and am so glad to see his transformation; thank you for your gentle care, patience and love in nursing FuBao back to health. He knows you’re helping him. He’s a smart gentle dog. I’d like to see his next progress. Please keep us posted. I hope someone will adopt him.

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