Mouse Raised by a Cat

Mouse Raised by a Cat

when Michael putted two balloons and a box to let his family leave, it was so touching!I was crying lol.This video has SOOOOOOOOOO much effort put into it, wish I could see a sequelThe only scenes that almost made me cry were when Phil went so far away from his family, when Phil lost both of them I started to cry a little bit and the scene when he finds out that Phil’s family is still alive calmed me down and said “😭 ❤️what a beautiful story😭❤️❤️”

I can’t imagine how long it must take to time their behavior right when there are multiple animals on the scene. Great work as always! 👍Love your imagination and dedication!Omg ! I love it the mice is so caring for phill I hope they will find him one day ! 😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭This reminds me of the cat that wandered the park crying for his mom, but nobody ever took him inWe need part 2, the reunion. I’m literally crying right now… This movie deserves Pawscar for great acting, cinematography, story, writing and cast… But we need sequel. Please…First half, I’m like, “What the hell am I watching?” But then I was like, dang, this emotional and delightful. Props to all the work put into this 👍Phil was so cute as a kitten! I watched this so much times I can’t countPoor Phil, I just saw the story and I used to think Phil was a bit evil…but he’s just a poor sad cat who has a broken heart does he still thinks his mouse family is dead (I cried )😭This has more emotional impact than the Lion King live action 😭 An academy award should be given to this masterpiece 👏🏾I actually almost cried my eyes are literally wateringi actually cried when the “happy birthday to my fake son” it reminds me of when my mom forgot my birthday. i didn’t talk to her in like 7 months. also the part where phil found his mice family. and the fact this was made with animals makes this even better.I can’t believe nobody wanted that adorable little kitten,it is so sadThis made me cry when he learnt his family had been looking for him. I would like a sequel about him finding his family again.The way my smile faded when the hamsters were running in a wire mesh wheel…The best creature ever..I love this sweety pets 😍😍İ love dogs,cats,citens,pupys,bırds and bunnies.Super FUNNY pets 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 CUTE CUTE CUTE ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ , kiss from yorkie Yoshi, au au 🐶🐶🐶hello this video makes me laugh very much I think it will be a hit on youtubechillwcat😽😽😽😽😽😽🐕Funniest animal. . . which one..? Hope this will be the one-st video and no more, and then we can discuss my question earlierYou certainly have a strange idea of what “dogs and cats“ are. You had birds, bunnies, goats, a whale, a pig, and I’ve forgotten what all you had. You need to re-name this video

A compassionate world begins with you 😻😻😻

A great vet, you can tell right away that he loves his job! And the fact that he greets his patients is also funny while reading. Besides, he is as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside. That’s what makes him so likeable. I wish you all the best, Doctor Tugay Inanoglu!I really hope that you, doctor, your loved ones, all your co-workers and all your pets, do not live in this tragic region of Turkey – greetings from Poland.
Hearts bleed looking at this tragedy in Turkey and Syria… 💔 😥 May it end and NOBODY suffer anymore, may the survivors have somewhere to return, and those who have gone to the other side will experience eternal happiness.. God have all victims in kindness care..🙏Dear Tugay! How are you doing? Is your family and your clinic okay? We look forward to your videos!
Heart with the Turks and all who survived this horror of the earthquake! ((

❤❤❤The puppies are looking for their forever homes so if you consider growing your family by 4 adorable paws,So heartwarming to see his gentleness and curiosity while his tail was wagging out of excitement the entire time!!Dad was both nervous and careful in deciding whether or not to enter the pen. He had never seen such a thing, and he’s thinking, “Oh, so many of them, will they charge at me? ” Gentle and inquisitive.I could undo years of stress if I spent an afternoon with these beautiful doggies!!! My heart just melts Quite the sight to see those 11 babies/grandbabies 🙂 Leo’s tail was wagging nonstop 😄I love how the Dad is wagging his tail. He looks content.This is adorable!!! He’s so calm with the babies. You can tell he knows that they are his babies and he’s being so good and not getting overly excited over them but his tail is wagging! What a good daddy!!!


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