Miserable blind cat crying for help rescue cat before & after 7 months

Miserable blind cat crying for help rescue cat before & after 7 months

The people who help these cats are living proof that there is goodness in this world.
O Allah, give health and joy to the people who protect animals 🙏Peace and goodness to all!
God bless you, you are a very big and kind hearted person!!!
I was a shelter volunteer, and I saw cats and dogs in terrible condition, just like How’s Paws. When I saw this cat for the first time, I was in tears, thank you all for your hard work!
Only such people deserve respect for humanity. Everything depends on them. Thank you!
no eyes, absolutely filthy and hungry, miserable… and yet he STILL loves pets and shows so much safety and affection… animals are on a whole other level
Poor little creature. Who spoiled him like that. Long life to those who help the kitten and the unfortunate
This world has the right to exist to the process that these people live in. Thanks for the cat order!!!
Thank you for your good work. We pay a deep respect to those who save animals 🙏🙏🙏. Such a transformation is extraordinary 🥺. Love and kindness work wonders. Health for you and your pets.
God bless the caring and kind people who saved the unfortunate cat!
I am grateful for saving my cat from the streets 8 years ago. He’s still with me, he has hyperthyroidism, but I keep him healthy with medications and proper nutrition. I love seeing animals get a second chance.
, 🙏🙏 Glory to the Good man who saved the soul!! Thank you to the saviors!!! Live 🐱!!
A wonderful transformation, thank you for not passing by this suffering individual as a person with a very big heart.
Tears are flowing from my eyes right now. You did the right thing by helping this poor cat. You will go to heaven, and that kitty will go too. That kitty will never forget you and how she saved him, and he didn’t look at her and say, “Oh, there’s a stupid dying cat.” <3Seeing the cat so miserable broke my heart and I was amazed at how much difference 7 months of love and attention could make. You are the angels on earth who gave this cat its second life. Bless your soul.
Bow down to kind people! Thank you so much for rescuing these adorable pet kittens! Fear is a poor cat that has been bullied! And whoever is thrown out mocking the beasts, let them be punished by the same kind of soulless non-human beasts!
I want to express my gratitude to such saints!!!! 🤗If it weren’t for you, these poor unfortunate cats and dogs wouldn’t exist. Same thing good friends! 💕❤▪️How far we are from these people, we should help such animals, but it would be better to fight unprotected cows that offend them. Guys, what are you doing, come to your senses, think about it, if you did this to you, don’t you actually have a heart and soul, 😪what a pity for such small feathers, 😥😢😓thank you and a big greetings to you. at the bottom of my heart!!! 💕❤️
May God always be pleased with these people who love and protect animals. I am a fan of this person.
I can’t understand how safe it is, that it accepts pets and all the poking and poking. Thank you for saving this sweet boy.
Red-gold Happiness!! Bring good fortune! I’m lucky to have met a good man!
He was still loving when he was in such a bad situation and only wanted love. It deserves much better. Thank you kind people for taking care of him!
Thank you for helping such a wonderful creature, it is the hearts of angels that help little animals. Thousands of blessings and caresses to the kitten. Noemi from Chile

The poor cat got into this kind of trouble, but thankfully he got your help! It’s hard to watch with tears, please! Thank you so much for your kindness in helping and rescuing these lovely animals. I think everything will be fine with him and he will be in good hands! Joy and health to you for the sake of your big heart!❤🙏🙏
A million thanks to you and all the people who saved the poor kitten, and you did everything possible to save her life, took your time and gave her all the care she needed, thank God you found her, and she has finally come to your place. Hands and you saved him, it’s impressive to see him at the end of the video, how much he has recovered and how well and happy he is found. Thanks for finding people like you, I wish we were all that type of people.
Life was unbearably cruel to this poor man. Now she deserves every consolation she gets. My heart goes out to the less fortunate kitties.
O Lord!!! 😭😭😭💓💓💓💓Thank you so much for taking care of this beautiful dying kitten!! Thank you for saving him!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏💓 Thank those who are rescuers and bless them. Thank you very much. The kitten, which emerged from an ugly dying duckling, has been transformed into a beautiful beauty through sensitive and caring people. I wish all the best for you.
I’m crying like a river for this cat and I’m grateful for saving it. Thank you all so much ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
It was so precious that he felt comfortable and safe enough to rest. Thank you so much for saving this cat! Long live❤
It was the saddest cat I’ve ever seen. And what a sensational transformation! Thank you for your love and patience with this poor kitty.
It’s amazing how people take care of animals in need. The fact that there are people who are always a big ️ for animals affects me deeply and makes me HAPPY. Via loving people. I congratulate you with all my heart, it’s good for that kitten to be found so bad it broke my heart, but it’s good that there are people with such a big heart like you, a huge hug to the whole team working on this great rescue😍
God bless your cat and a precious owner!!! And whoever saved you to him and his family, good luck and joy!

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