Golden Retriever Puppy Reacts to Baby Kittens [Cuteness Overload]

Golden Retriever Puppy Reacts to Baby Kittens [Cuteness Overload]

This puppy has learned how to behave better with mom and kittens, and the kittens are just a little bit older and bigger than they were in the earlier video. Now, the mom is completely relaxed in this puppy’s presence. I’m totally in love with this mother cat. She seems like one of the sweetest cats in the world.3 minutes and 34 seconds of pure cuteness overload. The puppy’s playful deep growls were awesome, like a little bear.The precious puppy really looks like she wanted attention from the mommy cat. And she was fascinated by the kittens. It’s great to know that they all feel so comfortable with each other. I like how near the end she even nibbled on the mommies foot and she still was so calm – did not react. She absolutely knew that maintaining a calm attitude would keep everything else calm. Great mommy cat and precious family.She’s a tiny bit rough with her paws, and yet momma cat not only didn’t bat an eye, she even laid flat on her back, revealing her mommy tummy in all its glory! Such a good momma! Pup can’t wait for the babies to grow so that they all play games together 💕Puppy girl wants a little grooming too! Can you see her edging closer hoping Momma cat will spread the love to her too? Precious!Mia, now politely knows how to respec Momma Cat’s boundaries.. She’s such a patient sweetie cutee.Wow, chilled cat- mom with their kitten. So cute, adorable they all. So much in harmony. 😽😻🐶I love how the mother cat knows that the puppy is not a danger.I love how the puppy put his paw over the mother cats paw, it was so cuteee and I also like how the puppy only wants to play not to harm anyone. 🥺It’s a good thing that most animals are born with great durability, able to withstand (or ignore) happy puppies who don’t understand how their own paws work. Mama was very trusting… but we know that if needed, she would have quickly taught the puppy how to be more gentle. Now it looks like she will have an extra baby sitter and guardian 😸I love how the mom knows it’s safe even when the puppy barks. Shows the trust between them. Such a sweet cat!I really needed to see this this morning, life is tough sometimes but pets always make things better I can’t believe the mama cat allows the puppy near her kittens. They’re all so beautiful and the pup is quite gentle but I would be more cautious – the kittens are infants and very fragile.All the furry babies are beautiful, I thoroughly enjoyed watching the interaction between the puppy and the kittiesGood girl Mia! She knows to be gentle with the kittens now. 🐕🐈

OMG how precious is this? I remember when my cat had 6 baby boys. When they start walking they get into everything, even under closet doors. My husband and I had to do a head count twice a day. We looked everywhere. We were missing 3. They were in my desk drawers. They climbed up the back of the drawers and fell asleep on everything. lolThis is absolutely adorable. If this doesn’t make you smile you have no heart. With all the misery in the world we need moments like’s amazing how patient and calm she is. I know she probably knew the puppy for awhile must’ve to be this calm with one around her new borns like that. but what a fresh puppo, heh just wants to play and hardly understands what really is happening though still trying to be gentle. lol😂 this gorgeous little beauty is probably remembering when he/ she was doing that with its siblings, not to long ago. So sweet to see. Great video thanks 💖😁Although I love cats and they’re my favorites, that adorable puppy’s cuteness is on another level altogether. She is super cute.️.This isn’t cuteness overload! This is KILLER CUTE! The mama kitty is so tolerant and puppy wants so badly to be in on the love fest going on. One of my absolute favorite videos. I’ve sent this cuteness to some rescues just to put a smile on their faces. The rescues see so much sadness, this should be a welcome sight.I love how the reaction of this golden boy,seeing this family,he looks so funny and behave,😍This must one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen. 😊 😍 Thanks for sharing such a beautiful moment.Ooohhh!! Cuteness overload!!💖😁 The way the puppy positioned itself to feed them, just like the mum cat was! That was just beautiful to watch. Heart-warming and very, very adorable. I love it, love it, LOVE IT – LOTS 💖😁👍I love how the little pupper is so calm while his/her auntie kitty is looking after her babies. Nothing but pure happiness here.How adorable the puppy is enjoying his exclusive harem of a soup kitten ❤Puppy remembers his mama, he wanted love from the mama cat too. This is one of the most wonderful videos I have seen in a long time. So precious.

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