Dog Dog Rescued from Earthquake Zone! ( Adopted! )

Dog Dog Rescued from Earthquake Zone! ( Adopted! )

Thank you, dear Tugay, for your kind attitude towards animals! More such doctors! My sincere sympathy to the people of Turkey in this terrible catastrophe, health to the victims and eternal memory to those who will no longer see the dawn… Ukraine, Nikolaev.My heartfelt sympathy goes out to the Turkish people for this tragedy. So many human misfortunes, so many victims, it is beyond my comprehension. And not only human tragedies, it is a tragedy for all living beings in the earthquake area. It’s great that there are people who also help animals that need this help too.Thank you for being not indifferent to the troubles of our smaller brothers!
May there be no more earthquakes and troubles!
Russia is with you soul and heart 🙏!Tugay, let your land calm down! Well-being to all living things, both people and animals! Health and speedy finding a home to all who have lost it!

So very many Americans praying for the people and pets caught up in the tragic earthquake. So many tears shed for the suffering of the injured and for the families who lost loved ones. Thank you Dr.Tugay for your aid to the injured precious animals. You are so valuable and appreciated. May God Protect You and Bless You.Glad to hear he has a forever home and family, thank you for all you and your team do for all the animals that come to your care. You are a credit to the veterinary profession Mr. Inanoglu. Take care of yourself, your family and team – stay safeGlad to see you all in good health. I was worried if nothing had happened to this beautiful place to help animals after such a terrible earthquake in Turkey. You guys are great!!!! You do a great job, you help helpless animals. We love you!! I cordially greet you from Poland, which is with you in these very difficult days.So sweet this baby Tobeck. I’m glad he found a family. Thank you also to Dr. TUGAY with a big heart, for all the care given to this nice doggie. COURAGE TO YOUR COUNTRY 💖 🙋‍♀️ 🇨🇵. I think a lot of you all.Tugay you are a man with a good heart ♥ God bless you richly today and always. I’m glad this adorable little dog has found a home. May the Lord give strength to his people. Kisses from São Paulo Capital here in Brazil 🇧🇷Tugay, I am so sorry for this tragedy in your country. I pray for the victims, for everyone. Glad you’re unharmed! Here in my country, Brazil, there was a tremendous landslide because of the heavy rains on the north coast of the State of São Paulo. God protects you, always! 🙂😘🇧🇷🇧🇷 May God give you prosperity!

So glad to see that you were not affected by the earthquake. My thoughts & prayers are with your country. 💖🙏Dear, dear, beloved! I see you again! And you treat animals! And you save! I’m glad you didn’t get hurt! Oh, I’ve been waiting for a new release! God bless you!It’s nice to see you well doctor, I’m Mexican 🇲🇽 and I was very mortified for you and your country 🇹🇷, I keep praying 🙏 for you. God bless you abundantlyHeartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. Bless those caring for this sweet dog and all those displaced by this tragedy.Tugai, I adore you and your clinic for your kind and sympathetic heart, for helping and treating animals in difficult situations. I myself am from Russia, from Moscow, I have been to Turkey many times and I know what a kind and sympathetic people it is. I was always amazed at how well you treat animals and the homeless as well. And a doctor like you can be trusted unconditionally. Thank you for all the rescued cats and dogs. Good luck and prosperity to your clinic.🐈🐕💓Thank you Doctor Tugay, thank you despite everything.. I hope these tragedies don’t happen again because they are devastating and I notice that you are emaciated.
You have all my solidarity and esteem, you are truly a beautiful person, God BLESS you 🙏🐾🐾❤️

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