Dog Doesn’t Recognize Owner After Weight Loss…Until He Sniffs Him

Dog Doesn’t Recognize Owner After Weight Loss…Until He Sniffs Him

If your own dog doesn’t recognize you from your weight loss then you did a hell of a jobCrazy how accurately a dog can identify a person by scent alone. It’s like their version of a fingerprint.The moment he instantly realizes his owner just warmed my heart and put a smile on my faceMy daughter moved away 4 years ago and her dog stayed with me. He loves to lay in her old room and can recognize the sound of her car in the driveway whenever she visitsThe sheer confusion on the dogs face when he first appeared shows he knew something wasn’t right. He could probably hear a voice he recognised, but couldn’t put a face to it. Dogs are smart. He would have known that all the humans demeanour was pointing towards the man on the bench, so was curious to find out why and all it took was one little sniff to get the answer. So heartwarming to see.This happened to me, too. My neighbors had a dog whom I hadn’t seen in a few years. When I moved back, she would bark and growl at me whenever I’d walk by. It really wasn’t until I was about to move again that I approached her. The moment she sniffed me, she immediately started jumping and licking me. Dogs are amazing.You know you did a good job losing weight when even family doesn’t recognize you at first.This made me tear up. I went through something in my life and was not able to see my childhood dog for a little over 3 years. He was there through all of my ups and downs. As soon as he recognized me he went absolutely nuts! Just like this encounter here 🥲 my mother said she has not seen him this happy since I’ve been gone. Rest In Peace Toro. He is now gone but never forgotten 😞❤You know you doing well losing weight when even the dog can only know you by smell. Hope this guy is still doing well and being healthyYou can tell the sudden change of a nervous dog to an excited relaxed one once it sniffs him. So heartwarming.The love of a dog is second to none in the animal kingdom.It took just a second after the sniff, instant recognition! Such a sweet boy reunited with dad. Touching.

Doggos have amazing senses. Some years back I used to visit a friend’s house, Alex, most days for a couple of hours as his dog Bacon would get anxious when Alex was at work and he was alone. I used to come to visit sort of halfway through his shift and that was enough to break up the period Bacon was by himself so he wouldn’t get distressed. I would feed him, take him for a walk, play ball etc.. all the stuff you do with dogs. Never having a dog myself I used to look forward to it. Even when I was just approaching the house I could hear Bacon dinking around inside in anticipation, he always knew I was coming. Eventually, Alex moved away (he got married) and took Bacon with him and I never saw them again until a year later when we arranged a get-together. Now I had a different car and had put on a fair bit of weight during that year, but Alex knew when I had arrived because Bacon suddenly went loopy, sure enough, I’d just gotten out of the car and was walking up the path. Alex opened the door and Bacon came lolloping out running up to me and turned into a wiggling mess. It was cute as all hell.I never get tired of seeing that instant change in mood, when the dog realizes it’s his owner. Just, in the blink of an eye, he goes from scared and hesitant, to excited and playful. That’s true love, right there.I’ll bet I have seen this ten times. I hope these people and their dog are alright.The moment he smelled him his whole demeanor changed. I literally rewatched that part over and over. 💜💙

This is so nice to see. They have these inhumanly strong indicators of the 5 senses and normally the strongest one apart from their hearing is their smelling,with which they can identify things such as Scent on their “historial” of smells ,in this case said scent being one the dog is very fond of and remembers quite well,which then leads to the correlation of other aspects such as voice and physique,with one of them as pointed out in the video being most changed since the last time they came along haha. It’s truly fascinating and,heartwarming,to see the animals pack this much emotion and excitement trusted on their most reliable sensor!

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