5 years heartbreaking dog keeps returning to his best friend’s grave every day

5 years heartbreaking dog keeps returning to his best friend’s grave every day

This sad dog named Cesur lost his owner and his best friend 5 years ago, but his devotion to him was endless. His human being, 79-year-old Mehmet İlhan, died in a hospital in Bursa. “There was a different bond between them because my father was paralyzed,” Mehmet’s son Ali told The Dodo. “Brave stopped eating while my father was in the hospital in his final days.” Still, everyone was surprised to see how the dog behaved at the funeral…

Cesur did not leave his side when Mehmet’s body came home. The dog even leads a procession to carry the coffin to a local mosque for burial. “Until my father was taken to the grave and buried, no one could touch him,” said Ali.

Ahmet’s son brought the dog home, but for the past five days after the funeral, Cesur continued to return to his owner’s grave. “The cemetery staff say that the first thing they do in the morning is to visit my father’s grave,” Ali said. Mehmet’s son realized this only a day later and decided to go after the dog.



He returns every day to the house where he once lived with his owner and fed his children, then returns to hug the tombstone and spend the night there.

Despite being given food and water by passers-by, the animal still refused to leave the tomb. It is often seen lying on the floor or crying pitifully.

“I thought it was a stray dog and tried to help but it always came back to the grave. I saw him there every day, only in some cases he left for a few hours and then came back,” said Keli. 28-year-old Keningau Prayitno said there was a person trying to bring the dog home for adoption. “It is sad to see this scene. It shows how close the animal is to its owner. ”

Ali says he will do anything to comfort the grieving animal: “The brave has always been a noble animal,” says Ali. “Now she will live with me.”

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