My heart throbs when I’m stared at by Lili the kitten…

My heart throbs when I’m stared at by Lili the kitten…

It’s like they went from birth to middle school in no time. They have developed very quicklyI was surprised that Lili was tolerating her brother using her as a pillow in the beginning. I feel like she is going to grow up to be a second Kiki.I love Lili’s cute little waddle. She takes after her beautiful sister.Great to see kiki , mimi , coco and tit fifi and lili and their human spending time together

It’s seems the little ones are looking into your heart ️ and soul. So adorable 🥰

Lili is such a sweet kitten, she softens with her shyness, Kiki looking after the puppies from above is very cute, Mimi and Coco are attentive to the family that has become numerous, 4 precious kittens and two loving cat dads and a human dad who takes care of everything the family 👍😻😻😻😻😻😻🙎

Lili is beautiful, definitely my favorite of the 3, because of her likeness to Miss KIki. She will keep her brothers in line, I know it. lol Titi is so precious laying his head on his sister’s tummy. Nice to see the whole family in the video, Mom, Dad, Big Sister, and the babies. 🙂Oh my goodness 😊 where have I been? I’ve been missing them growing up. I’ll be sure to go back and watch from the beginning. So happy to see 3 healthy kitties. And Kiki is getting sooooo big. Adorable family 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰


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