Funny Cats / Dogs – Funny animals 272

Funny Cats / Dogs – Funny animals 272

Why do you have a watermark, what is this antisocial behavior towards your subscribers and to see who might also like to put animal videos on the Internet themselves if you already earn a lot of money with your channel, you shouldn’t be so antisocial

I love cats and dogs

The store has been open for a long time… I know that I’m not lost… Now the seller will wave his hand to me and send a couple of fresh sausages, and if suddenly there are no sausages, I’ll agree to a couple of cutlets…I am a very important Commander from the ship, please dress me in a naval uniform ……. After all, for such an outfit, they will deprive me of the Rank …Like I said last video, Gametoons have really showed me that they can make anyone/anything sad. Now these videos just can’t be scaryAMASING & WONDERFUL ANIMALS WITH SENSE OF LOVE, SAFTY & SECURITY OF THEIR HUMAN FRIENDS BETTER THAN SOME STUPID HUMAN BEINGS. I AM DELIGHTED TO SEE THEM DO ALL THESE MIRACLOUS THINGS IN ACTION.Cats show love by biting, imagine if humans did that, hi Bob, arrrrrrrrrchomp.They looked so cute and lovely 🙂HOPE YOU ALL ARE ALWAYS GIVEN HEALTH AND SAFETY.. I LOVE YOU ALL.. ️🌹❤🙏🙏Setting is comforting. to watch

Very well done . Enjoyed viewing. Also own a lovely cat- NORWEGIAN FOREST CAT-
Greetings from Sukosan/HR🐱It’s really fun and funny to be able to watch animals acting adorable and funny… 😀

The first doggie: the front paws go, the back paws go! The second, in the elevator: he rode, like everyone else, quietly, modestly, in a corner, went out – said goodbye and expressed everything that he thinks about them (neighbors)!Love the animals!!! Great vídeo!! really had a good time! a big huge 🐶💚 sanitizerThey’re all so cute!!! Love seeing these beautiful antics lovethem all!!! Thank youToo cute and too funny!!! Adorable babies making me LMAO til I cry!!😅😂🤣🤣🐕🐈💕💕What a cute cat 😍🤗

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