Wolfgang Lauenburger – Dog Training – The World’s Largest Cabaret

Wolfgang Lauenburger – Dog Training – The World’s Largest Cabaret

I really like this channel,,, of laughing and animals doing circus thank you very much

This shows you that the dog does not have to be a breed to be able to train it. How I love them are the best animals existSpectacular. Incredible. well worked. Lovely puppies. 👏👏👏👏👏🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐶🐶 🇪🇦Blessings to those beautiful puppies who are very hardworking and who always deserve to be very well

What nice little animals my respects to you and blessings I always wish you the best greetings from Mexico

Super outstanding performance and coordination..Hats off to the Trainer owner of the cute companions thanks very much. Hi regards.OVE how the dogs KNOW what to do as soon as they see the props. I kept watching for hand 🖐 signals and saw little. Very neat…. you can tell they love it and he loves them. Just pure FUN. 😎I wonder if they all live together…. if so what a lucky 🍀 guy. It must bring a lot of joy and daily smiles. The patience he must have to encourage them….. I will have to look him up to find out if he is the first or if this is a family tradition of dog acts…..Obviously well trained and happy. No force involved.WOW! HOW BEAUTIFUL! I GIVE THE IMPRESSION THAT THEY ARE ALL DOGS THAT THE LORD RESCUED FROM THE STREET!❤️🇲🇽That man is a good trainer, a thousand respects for that person and his beautiful dogs



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