Scaredy Cats Compilation

Scaredy Cats Compilation

Really entertaining. Thanks for the humour.The way they bounce is so crazy. They do it without having to charge up the jump too. Insane, nature at its bestthe 2nd one was as powerful as a rocket launch!! 😂😂😂😂Funny thing is most of these cats scared themselves, lol. Funniest clip is the kitten and lizardI could not stop laughing and laughing thanks so much for that I really did need thatThat is funny when the Christmas tree says marry Christmas and the cat got scaredMay God bless you, my brother, may God give you health and success, God willing


Hey! It’s fun. I also try to make funny videos with cats, I’m not sure if I’m good at it, but I try to make the clips musical and fun 🙂I love the way how cats jump they are just like spring99% people are saying this is not cool say this is abuse 6%of people that this is funnyOne of my oldest memories. I watch those stuff for years!!! I’ll subscribe you and make more too cuz theyre so lolThe second clip makes me burst up real good there xDDAll I gotta do is move my feet across the carpet when any of my 6 cats are walking by and they go flying. It’s hilarious.Cats are so funny, love this I have cats & this video get an A+ from me, still laughing !Never pause this Among us cat (if you try to remove the tail of the cat) 1:19That sudden leap is ferfect tactic during snake encounter.


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