Funny Cats / Dogs – Funny animals / top videos

Funny Cats / Dogs – Funny animals / top videos

Hello, thank you very much for providing the video, and most importantly for a good mood boost and a lot of positive. For the most hilarious and funny behaviors of cats and dogs. They all turn out naturally, but look very funny, thereby causing a lot of laughter, and especially cats inimitable, they most of all turn out carbon monoxide. I especially liked where the cat, having run, spotted the dog and braked so sharply. others, thanks.

Thank you for the positive and kind video! God created all animals for the joy of people and commanded to take care of them. Animal life is precious to God. He created our planet so that animals always have food and shelter. Undoubtedly, the Creator values ​​animals as His creations and expects humans to treat them with care. “The righteous one takes care of the soul of his cattle” (Proverbs 12 chapter 10 verse).

Thank you so much for not adding background music!! This is our new video to watch on loop. 😻Little does the owner know the black cat staring at the candle is putting a spell on them.😄Thanks so much for not adding loud music and letting the cats and dogs entertain us all by their furry cute selves. You are the BEST animal video on YouTubeThis is one of the funniest cat/dog videos I have ever seen. 🤣 thanks 😊😂😂😂🐶🐈🐱 thank you ,I really like cats and dogs playing and very cute when relaxingLove the dog staring at the food in the oven!!I agree with other comments that this: IS THE BEST VIDEO I HAVE SEEN OF FUNNY ANIMALS!!!!
No music or laughter added! 🙏 Thank you!
And above all things there is no video of underhanded aggression on the part of the “humans”. I hate when they set traps for them to fall into, or give them big scares, etc.
👏👏👏👏👏bsolutely delightful and cute…thanks for sharing!!!!!The black cat with the candle is definitely someone’s familiar 🖤✨🖤 beautifulAwesome video from start to finish without laughter added in. I don’t need a video telling me something’s funny by adding in laughter. I can decide on my own, thank you. 😁 Edit: It was so enjoyable, I went back and watched it again.these dogs and cats are funny, they are so naughty but so cute, your video is so good 😹😹🐶🐶👍Good video, the cats and dogs are so cute and funny! 🤩


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