Funny Babies Laughing Hysterically at Cats Compilation

Funny Babies Laughing Hysterically at Cats Compilation

The fourth one is COMEDY GOLD! That stare, the way it slowly reaches to the glass before pushing it, the rythm of the scene, it’s hilarious!I remember how I used to watch thoses vids when I was like 6 maybe more? I watch it 7 years later and it feels like I’ll never change, those videos still make me so happy.Everyone is talking about the guy with the guitar.

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Love it! 😆I’d like to share a video I made. A little more than a year ago I started to film every puppy I met on the streets of my hometown Amsterdam. I have now filmed more than 50 puppies, that’s about 1 puppy a week! The video is called ’50 puppies in 2 minutes’. A must-see for every puppy-lover 😊🐕

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