37 Hero Animals that Saved Human Lives !

37 Hero Animals that Saved Human Lives !

I love how the dog was only holding the goose back. Shows how gentle the dog might actually be, just trying to break up a fight.
That horse that laid down for the wheelchair man who fell to climb onto his back…such intelligence. 🙌
It’s absolutely impossible to tell which one
Went to my heart. They all did. Animals are incredible loving beings. Who says animals don’t love their owners. Some of the videos were just trainers training the dogs. To protect their owners. Others did it out if compassion for their owners. It’s so beautiful to see animals protesting their loving families.This shows us that our pets have more understanding of humans and their situations than we assume. Amazing!

The fact that the dog at 6:50 atleast somewhat knows(intentionally or not) that the fish need and/or belong in water, is already magical
The horse that helped the guy get on his back and the dog trying to help the fish. Actually, I love them all!
That man ran into the store scared when the robber had the gun but as soon as the robber put the gun on the dog the man lost all his fear and started fighting to protect his dog… wowPeople that hurt dogs, cats, and horses should watch this video and the next time when they try to hurt the animals so that they can remember how wonderful these animals are. I remember when I was about 9 years old going to the fields at where the horses were getting on a bare back horse and bring them home. I love animals.0:35 Uh…dude didn’t look like he was trying to attack the kid. He saw the kid wandering off from his rather inattentive family and did what any decent human being would do. He tried to herd the child back to his mom. And for that he got mauled by a dog and slandered on the internet for clicks. That’s what being a good person gets you nowadays.

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