35 Hero Animals That Saved Human Lives !

35 Hero Animals That Saved Human Lives !

For most of the animals’ behavior you can ascribe instinct; but with dogs, I still believe something more than simple pack mentality is at work when they protect a human. We’re so lucky to have them.

Honestly, my heart went out to the mama polar bear most. Being the most deadliest bear, she could’ve easily annihilated each and every dog with one bite, but she chose to defend her cubs and herself above all. I think all my mamas out there can understand her reasoning.

Once my childhood dog saved our house from a robbery by repeatedly trying to nock down the man and made him drop his knife the man kicked my dog in the head but my dog kept biting his leg I called the police and they arrested the man he got 10 years in jail for animal abuse and robbery we took my dog to the vet he had really hurt his head but he fully recovered and went on to live 6 more years

I think the cutest was the Dog that should’ve won the Nobel Peace Prize, interfering with the heated confrontation between the two cats, stoping them from fighting. It shows how caring, understanding, and sympathetics man’s best friend can be.So awesome! Loved the cat blocking the kid from falling and the dog not wanting to leave it’s owner with the injury 😊We got our dog a little before our daughter was born. Early on, my wife claimed our dog, named Tank, was protective of her. I was skeptical, as I think we sometimes anthropomorphize animals because we want them to love us. However, now that my daughter is older, there’s no way I can dispute it. Since birth, he has followed her around everywhere, particularly if we are outside. He is very protective against strangers and will stand between her and anyone who is unfamiliar. If they came onto our yard while she was outside, I have no doubt they would get his wrath and potentially even a bite if they were acting unscrupulous. Sometimes when I walk him alone, he will see a girl who is roughly my daughter’s age, and he goes crazy. I believe this is because he thinks the girl is my daughter and feels he needs to go protect her. Amazing animals.

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