Best Funny Animals Videos 2023 🐶Funniest Dogs And Cats Videos😹😂 #11

Best Funny Animals Videos 2023 🐶Funniest Dogs And Cats Videos😹😂 #11

The cat at 2:50 is one of the most awesome cats ever. It even looks like it briefly checks on the kid before properly chasing the dog off. Cats are great.

The woman that was swinging her dog around and then just left it to get attacked, that pissed me off

So funny❤😂

hands down pets can be the goofest animals alive!!

How cute, funny and original in their personality horses can be is widely underestimated. They are some of the best and funniest animals to be around and to get attached to.
I got my first Orange Tabby, just after COVID19 hit. He is a bit different than my other cats were. Quite the character. He spent most of his first year on my neck… when he wasn’t sleeping on my forehead.. lol

Everyone is so worried about the damn dogs no one mentions the poor kid getting attacked by a dog.. the cat that saved him was a boss

3:00 I love how those ferocious barks turned into literal screams of fear once the cat ran up 😂😂 the cat didn’t even do anything and that dog up there squealing like a pig 💀

Growing up in a country where cats are generally scared of dogs, it was pretty surprising to see dogs being generally afraid of cats in other countries.

In books, Cats fears Dogs In reality, Dogs fears Cats

The cat who saved the little kid at 2:24 was a hero. I loved how the cat looked back at the kid to see that he/she was alright and chased the dog away.




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