The Funniest Cats and Dogs

The Funniest Cats and Dogs

Love these adorable, funny cat antics,😸💞

Sometimes when I feel sad I watch this and it makes me laugh and I be happy

I really enjoy this video 😄 Greeting from your friends in indonesia 😍🤗🙏

Some of this stuff is abusive. If they do something by themselves, fine, but don’t set them up to fail for a laugh. Believe it our not, your cat will begin to resent you.

bro can you tell me where do you get sounds and videos from ?

Ok I have a ? The one where the cat is in the bathroom fighting with himself in the mirror! First that is crazy funny and second what is the deal with the mayo in the bathroom? 😂 Then again maybe I don’t want to know! I do however love this channel! See my dad was a animal lover as am I and his only grandchild (who since the age of 3 said I’m going to be a Veterinarian) and still is planning her schooling for that career! Anyway we lost my dad in January almost a year but seems like yesterday (it doesn’t ever get easier) but these types of videos I would watch with him! So with the holidays coming up this is helping some along with therapy and sometimes everyone needs someone that is outside the family or close friends group to talk too! Then also as a Christian I do talk to Jesus about it a lot! Anyway if you are reading this or have read this I want to say thank you for listening and Happy Thanksgiving and an early Merry Christmas or what other holiday you celebrate this time of year!18:27 If this guy thinks that’s just a friendly little black bear he is wrong.

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