Funny cats / dogs – Funny animal videos | Cute Aww

Funny cats / dogs – Funny animal videos | Cute Aww

Stray cats are a common sight in most places around the world. Cats are incredibly smart and usually find a way to make their situation work when they need to. They are much less dependent on humans than the average dog is, allowing them to live in the streets even when they are abandoned. They can hunt and forage for most of their needs.

There are good people in the world who go out of their way to help the needy animals in the world. A viral video documented an incredible story of a family of cats who needed a savior in order for them to make it.

How cute, funny and original in their personality horses can be is widely underestimated. They are some of the best and funniest animals to be around and to get attached to.
I got my first Orange Tabby, just after COVID19 hit. He is a bit different than my other cats were. Quite the character. He spent most of his first year on my neck… when he wasn’t sleeping on my forehead.. lol
Normally I don’t like this sort of thing, but this video made me laugh.
Reminds me of a couple pet rats that I used to have. Their names with Twizzler and Rikku. We used to just let the rats (there were about a dozen of them at the time) out of their cage when we got home from work to have free reign of the house. At any rate, those two pink-eyes whites, Rikku and Twizzler wouldn’t allow us to eat ice cream. Or anything else, really, They would climb all over us to the point of stealing the little icecream pieces (like strawberries or peaches) out of out mouths. We would just laugh the whole time because they were so aggressive about it. The one rat, Rikku, wouldn’t even allow me to have a cup of tea. She would steal the teabag, run away, and make a big mess. Watching her run away with the teabag was priceless.”He hates his puppy medication” – yeah sure, you have him upside down, and he’s trying not to choke on it!

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