Blind Cat Wants To See His Mother | Animal Crisis EP22

Blind Cat Wants To See His Mother | Animal Crisis EP22

There are good people in the world who go out of their way to help the needy animals in the world. A viral video documented an incredible story of a family of cats who needed a savior in order for them to make it.

There are stray cats all across the world.

Stray cats are a common sight in most places around the world. Cats are incredibly smart and usually find a way to make their situation work when they need to. They are much less dependent on humans than the average dog is, allowing them to live in the streets even when they are abandoned. They can hunt and forage for most of their needs.

If there is any sign of sickness or weakness, a cat won’t be able to make it on the streets.

One video documents a kitten that was found as a part of a litter of stray cats. The momma is visible but is very protective of her family (like any good mom is). As we get closer to seeing the momma cat and her kittens, we notice one kitten that is different than the rest.

One of the kittens is completely blind due to scabs on its eyes.

They film the kitten stumbling about, looking for its mothers milk but struggling to latch on due to a lack of vision. It is a truly heartbreaking scene that nobody wants to witness. Thankfully, the man who saw it decided to help.

Putting down some food for mom, the man starts trying to build relationship.

As he feeds the cats and kittens, they start to get a bit more comfortable with him. At a certain point, they are even able to see the blind kitten up close. When they zoom in on its eyes, you can see just how scabbed up and horrid they are. It tries to rub them off but can’t as they are stuck like glue.

The mother still won’t let any humans close to help. Thankfully, experts arrive to help with the situation.

When the vet arrives, he knows he is able to help the kitten. The only issue is that the mom won’t even let the vet near her or the cats. Eventually, they lay a “relaxation trap” and get the mom to fall asleep. Once they get the mom to fall asleep, they run to help the kitten.

After weeks, the kitten has the scabs peeled off for the first time.

The vets take the kitten to the vet to give it the immediate treatment that it needs. Once momma notices the kitten is gone, though, she runs around the house looking for her little one. Meanwhile, the kitten is being treated at the vet.

After surgery, care, and time, the little kitten began to make its recovery!

A few days later, it is finally time to bring the kitten home from the hospital. In the meantime, the man who found the kitten built a home fort the momma in his backyard. The kitten now has a home to go return to.

When the two reunite, the little kitten is ecstatic!

With a happy mom and kittens, the man who found them can rest easy. He is excited to have “adopted them” and have them living in a home right outside of his now.


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